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Since 2002, PAUL EVENDEN, MARY BRUNNER, JENNIE BICE and ERNIE HIGGINS have been pleasing audiences with their lively style of music all around the Lower Mainland.


The Latest in Copper Sky News: 

Last Updated: Jan 11, 2021


Welcome to our new website. I know it looks close to what came before, but the big difference is that it is created by Wix online.... which makes it much easier for me to update!  :) 

I hope you enjoy it... 

It has been a quiet year for the band with the Covid-19 virus shutting down venues and live performances. Some of our friends are making the effort with online performances with a few venues having limited engagements. 

Check out Pat Chessel Band, Blackthorn Band, The Wolf and Hound Rest., and a few others for their schedules. 

Meanwhile, stay safe and Healthy.

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