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A Collection of Celtic Waltzes and Slow Airs


In Memoriam
Mya Domeij Evenden
(1954 – 1999)


Mya was, for many years, a choral leader and voice teacher in Maple Ridge, B. C., Canada. Her vision was that all people would realize the full potential of their voices, whether they were singing professionally or for their own fulfillment and enjoyment. She became well-known for her work with children. Her interest in her students went beyond the music; her caring and compassion made her a friend to many.

Mya loved all musical genres and Celtic music was one of her favourite.

The Mya Domeij Evenden Memorial Fund has been established with the assistance of The Vancouver Foundation. It was created to honour Mya’s memory and vision. As of 2015, the income from the fund is being redirected to 2 music organizations in British Columbia. One is the British Columbia Choral Federation, who will continue to recieve the funds from the Vancouver Foundation. They will share the income recieved with the St James Music Academy. This is an organization inVancouver that brings music to the inner city children who would have no other opportunity to receive musical training. Their program is based on the El Sistema program that was started in Caracas, Venezuela in 1975. We feel that this program and the BCCF will best honour the memory of Mya for years to come

The album contents are listed below. 

The tunes are available for download for a nominal fee, however if you'd prefer an actual CD, please contact me and I will mail you out a copy. 

CD costs are $15 which includeds shipping (Canada Post). Paul

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