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The Musicians....

Paul Evenden:

Known for his strong vocals and wealth of song, Paul is also a multi-talented musician, usually found playing no less than 5 instruments on stage. Lousy at creating set lists and sticking to them.

Ernie Higgins:

The old woman of the group.
Always asking questions like:
"Where are we playing next?"
"What song are we doing?"
"Did you talk to so and so about this?"


Jennie Bice:

Adding her unique fiddling style and vocal harmonies, Jennie is a welcome addition sharing the huge responsibility with Mary of keeping Paul and Ernie under control (good luck!)


Mary Brunner:

Mary is very well know in the Celtic scene in Vancouver; playing in several bands, the rush is always on to 'book her first!!'

There is a word for that Mary...

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